A Visual Transactive Memory System Approach Towards Project Information Management

  • Mehmet Yalcinkaya (Kontribuuttori)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiesitelmä


The amount, variety and fragmentation of construction information is a major challenge affecting the AEC/FM industry that causes significant difficulties to access the relevant information. Often the actors seek the advice of a key actor by considering him/her as an access path for the answer of various types of queries through the key actor’s relevant expertise and knowledge. However, in this type of “a​ctor­focused thinking” when the key actor leaves from the project, this access path to the relevant knowledge for the associated queries also disappears. Because, although individual information entities in a knowledge network are semantically interrelated with each other, these semantics are not represented explicitly to the project actors as alternative paths to reply the associative queries. They are usually hidden and directly linked to the minds of individual key actors, hence staying as a tacit knowledge. In this research, we propose the “i​nformation­focused thinking” where all project actors are considered and represented as a computational and visual information entity among the other information entities in a knowledge network. In this way, the actors can understand, construct and recognize contextual relationships among visual objects, and communicate with each other through these visual objects. The further integration of such computational agents that can collect, abstract, organize and conceive the task­relevant information and contextual relationships by managing the interactions of actors, and flow of information entities among actors, will be discussed in this paper. The initially developed, graph and linked data­based prototype as a visualization and interaction platform for facility management­related knowledge network will be presented and discussed to establish the fundamentals of a further d​igital visual transactive memory system for construction project lifecycle management.
Aikajakso2 marrask. 2016
PidettyQueensland University of Technology, Austraalia, Queensland