Urban Mediator v.2.0

Roman Suzi, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Joonas Juutilainen, Mark van der Putten, Andrea Botero , Abhigyan Singh, Tuomo Tarkiainen, Eirik Fatland

Research output: Artistic and non-textual formSoftwareScientific


Urban Mediator is an Open Source software that provides a way for communities to mediate local, location-based discussions, activities, and information. UM uses a map-portrayal service as means for re
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008
MoE publication typeI2 ICT software

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    Suzi, R. (Author), Saad-Sulonen, J. (Author), Juutilainen, J. (Author), van der Putten, M. (Author), Botero , A. (Author), Singh, A. (Author), Tarkiainen, T. (Author), & Fatland, E. (Author). (2008). Urban Mediator v.2.0. Software