Tailoring of Optoelectronic Properties of ϵ-Fe2O3 Thin Films Through Insertion of Organic Interlayers

Anne Tanskanen, Maarit Karppinen*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Novel hybrid materials by ALD/MLD: from fundamentals towards applications

Aleksandrova, I., Medina, E., Thomas, C., Karppinen, M., Haggren, A., Tiittanen, T., Multia, J., Ghazy, A., Mustonen, O., Khayyami, A., Revitzer, H., Sederholm, L. & Johansson, L.


Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding


CloseLoop: Closing the Loop for High-added-value Materials

Kauranen, P., Blomberg, T., Heiska, J., Karppinen, M. & Kousar, S.


Project: Academy of Finland: Strategic research funding