Statistical Analysis of Cascaded Multipath Fading Channels

Zhong Zheng

Research output: ThesisDoctoral ThesisCollection of Articles


In cellular communication systems, one of the prominent impairments due to the wireless channel is the multipath fading. In this thesis, we study the multipath effects, particularly in the so-called cascaded fading channels. These channel models are useful when characterizing the indoor signal propagation, time-reversal transmission, and the rank deficiency due to insufficient scattering in multiantenna communications. Thesis focuses on the statistical performance metrics of wireless systems. More precisely, in single-antenna transmission, we analyze the received signal distribution via moment-based approximation in presence of correlated cascaded channels. Using these results, the impact of channel correlation and number of scatterers are investigated for the cascaded Nakagami-m channels. Furthermore, the signal distribution of the cascaded Rician channel is used to construct a test statistics for a blind time-reversal detector. In the presence of a point target embedded in the multipath scattering, we show by Monte Carlo simulation that the proposed detector outperforms the existing detectors. In multi-antenna communications framework we consider information theoretic limits for the cascaded Rayleigh MIMO channels. In the ergodic channel, we obtain a lower bound for the ergodic mutual information and deduce a rate scaling law using a recent result from the random matrix theory. For the non-ergodic channel, we study the outage probability by establishing the central limit theorem for the linear spectral statistics of the channel matrices. This result also motivates us to construct a simple approximation for the fundamental tradeoff between diversity gain and multiplexing gain of the MIMO channel at realistic SNR levels.
Translated title of the contributionStatistical Analysis of Cascaded Multipath Fading Channels
Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor's degree
Awarding Institution
  • Aalto University
  • Hämäläinen, Jyri, Supervising Professor
  • Hämäläinen, Jyri, Thesis Advisor
Print ISBNs978-952-60-6562-5
Electronic ISBNs978-952-60-6563-2
Publication statusPublished - 2015
MoE publication typeG5 Doctoral dissertation (article)


  • cascaded fading channel
  • free probability theory
  • MIMO
  • random matrix theory
  • wireless communications


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