SPACE INVADERS III - Aesthetically tolerable / Taking over Otaniemi

Anna Jensen (Curator), Eliisa Suvanto (Curator)

Research output: Artistic and non-textual formExhibitionArt in coproduction


SPACE INVADERS III - Aesthetically tolerable / Taking over Otaniemi 14.-17.5.2015 The first edition of Space Invaders was about identity, the unknown location, physical space and space between people, belonging and not belonging. Space Invaders II - The Revolution was about moving on, saying goodbye and growing while doing so. In 2015 Space Invaders III will be taking over Otaniemi campus area the and public space, asking what is aesthetically tolerable? As previous years, Space Invaders is going to be more than a traditional exhibition. The event will be a work of art itself, binding performance, intervention, sound and visual arts together. You name it as you make it, we are open for any proposals which explore the limits of an exhibition, an event, private and public space or aesthetics. Opening on thursday 14.5. 18:00, welcome! Friday-saturday open from 12:00, evening program starts at 19:00 Sunday 12-16, Live action role play NEW VOICES IN ART starts at 12:00 Artists ANDREA COYOTZI BORJA / ANNA BERGMAN / ANDRE VICENTINI / AZUSA SEKIGUCHI / DANA NEILSON / ELENA ALEKSANDROVA / HANNE SALONEN / JAAKKO LEEVE / LAURA EERIKÄINEN / LAURELINE TILKIN / LEDA VANEVA / MAIJA KUJANEN / MAIJU LOUKOLA & TAINA RIIKONEN / MARTA KHRSHANOVSKAYA / MARTINEZ / NIILO RINNE / NIKO NURMI / SALLA LAHTINEN / SARA KÄRPÄNEN / TUOMO SAVOLAINEN / ANNA JENSEN & ELIISA SUVANTO DOKUMENTTIPROJEKTI SOUKKA Thursday 14.5. Opening night CATS OF TRANSNISTRIA HARUSPEX Friday 15.5. JANI PETTERI VIRTA DANCE COMPANY ACIDWHALE JUNNU ALAJUUMA THE CHAOTIC MAPS Saturday 16.5. ANNA ROSENDAHL & LAURA MAATRAIVA: Mun tunteet, sun tunteet KAAMOSMASENNUS HOMEBOY IN LUV Sunday 17.5. 12:00 NEW VOICES IN ART, live action role play / Maija Korhonen (yhteistyössä Ropeconin kanssa)
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2015
MoE publication typeF2 Public partial realisation of a work of art

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