Slag–Copper Equilibria of Selected Trace Elements in Black Copper Smelting. Part I. Properties of the Slag and Chromium Solubility

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The solubility of chromium in alumina- and lime-containing (≈5 wt% Al 2 O 3 and 0- ≈ 10 wt% CaO) iron silicate slags has been measured at 1,300°C. In order to avoid contamination and the effects of further elements in the slag, the measurements were carried out at silica saturation. The solubility of chromium was a function of oxygen partial pressure. At high oxygen partial pressures P O2  ≈ 10 −5  atm, the solubility was about 0.15 wt% (Cr) and it increased to about 0.3 wt% (Cr) in reducing conditions of p O2  ≈ 10 −10  atm. Alumina and lime seemed to increase the solubility slightly.


Original languageEnglish
JournalMineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019
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  • alumina, chromite, Copper scrap, iron silicate slag, lime, WEEE

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