Resistivity and optical transmittance dependence on length and diameter of nanowires in silver nanowire layers in application to transparent conductive coatings

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Optical absorption spectra and electrical conductivity of silver nanowires with mean diameters of 56, 73, and 106 nm and mean length of 10.4, 12.6, and 32.0 μm, respectively have been experimentally studied. The size dependent effective permittivity of silver nanowire layers is calculated using mixing equations as for anisotropic materials according to the Maxwell-Garnett theory. The absorption spectra peak positions of nanowires with various diameters are interpreted according to the theoretical calculations based on the Mie theory, which allow to predict dependence of the optical properties on the nanowire diameter. The sheet resistance measurements show that 13-15 Ω/sq at the level of 80-90% transmittance at 550 nm wavelength can be achieved.


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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2016
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