Qualitative analysis of a thermo mechanical pulp and paper mill using advanced composite curves

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In this study the possibilities of making a cost-effective heat exchanger retrofit in a simulated thermo mechanical pulp and paper mill are analysed using advanced composite curves. The use of advanced composite curves is a fairly new method developed in Chalmers University, and they have not previously been used to analyse a mechanical pulp and paper mill. The simulated mill used as an example in this study has one TMP (thermo mechanical pulping) line, one paper machine, debarking and auxiliary systems. The results show that the advanced curves give valuable information on the system and provide guidance as to where to look for improvement potential. The relative costs of different improvements are in line with traditional knowledge of improvement costs.


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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2011
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  • Advanced composite curves, Energy efficiency, Heat exchanger network retrofit, Pinch analysis

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