Photoelectrocatalytic treatment of municipal wastewater with emerging concern pollutants using modified multi-layer catalytic anode

Parminder Kaur*, Yuri Park, Ichiro Minami, Monzur A. Imteaz, Moonis Ali Khan, Ahmed A.S. Al-Othman, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Mika Sillanpӓӓ*, Yongdan Li

*Corresponding author for this work

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Municipal wastewater contains emergent chemical and biological pollutants that are resistant to conventional wastewater treatments. Therefore, the focus of the current study was to address the challenge of removing emergent chemical and biological pollutants present in municipal wastewater. To achieve this, a photo electro-catalytic (PEC) treatment approach was employed, focusing on the removal of both micro and biological pollutants that are of emergent concern, as well as the reduction of Chemical Oxidation Demand (COD) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC). The treatment involved the use of a modified multi-layer catalytic anode photo-electroactive anode as an effective anode for PEC treatment of municipal wastewater. In the continuous mode of operation, %COD removal was optimized for the treatment of municipal wastewater under Ultra-Violet C (UVc), 280 nm, and Visible (Vis) radiation, 400 nm. Therefore, a comparative study was performed to investigate the effect of Vis radiation on %COD removal, micropollutants removal, and disinfection of municipal wastewater. Micropollutants present in municipal wastewater were effectively oxidized/degraded with the highest reduction rate between 100% and 80% under the influence of UVc and Vis radiation respectively by the PEC treatment process. Disinfection of various microorganisms present in the wastewater with the effect of UVc and Vis assisted PEC treatment was also monitored. Overall, 75–80% of the disinfection of municipal wastewater was contributed by the modified multi-layer catalytic anode. The UVc in the PEC system, contributes approximately 20–25% to the overall disinfection of municipal wastewater.

Original languageEnglish
Article number139575
Number of pages11
Early online date27 Jul 2023
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2023
MoE publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed


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