Parking 24h

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    DENISE ZIEGLER: Parking (24h)
    Pori Art Museum, Sculpture Garden
    Denise Ziegler’s work Parking (24h), 2016 for the Sculpture Garden at Pori Art Museum in connection with the exhibition Art @ the Heart of the City.
    The site-specific work consists of crocheted white parking lines and a blue flag with a white inscription.
    There is a former cobblestone street at the back of the Pori Art Museum. It is cut off by two glass corridors leading to an extension of the museum. In between the two corridors is a barren yard, the Sculpture Garden. Ziegler’s work transforms the yard into an imaginary parking lot: parking spaces are marked on the ground with lines crocheted out of white cotton, and a flag hanging from a flagpole proclaims the area as a round-the-clock parking lot “P 24h”.
    P 24h is a place where you can stay as long as you wish*
    P 24h is connected to a project by Denise Ziegler that investigates the status of P 24h parking facilities as locations where time seemingly stands still. P 24h parking facilities are often located in urban dead zones that are not of immediate interest to anybody. They are often temporary, located on properties that will in the near future be used for some different purpose. The facilities can also be located in remote places, such as under a bridge. The cars parked in P 24h facilities often differ from those in other parking lots. P 24h lots are also deliberately placed on the periphery of the city to encourage people to use public transport.
    The site-specific work in the Pori Art Museum is linked to existing 24h parking spaces in Pori such as the facility in Isolinnankatu.
    In her art, Denise Ziegler articulates sublime experiences arising from particular observations in urban surroundings. She works with these observations and, by using experimental interventions and writing about the observations, investigates the relationship between people and their own urban surrounding.
    Parking 24h is realised with the help of ’The Knitting Ladies’ and the residents’ house at Pormestarinluoto, City of Pori/Social Services and Healthcare Centre of Pori.
    The white parking lines were crocheted by Sinikka Juoperi, Sirkka Kanerva, Sirkka Koskivainio, Sirkka Leivo-Jokimäki, Sirkku Laine, Pirkko Liesikari, Heli Lind, Marja-Terttu Naukkarinen, Paula Nurminen, Anu Ranta, Anita Tamminen, Susanna Virkki, Päivi Visavuori, Denise Ziegler.
    Denise Ziegler is an artist and postdoctoral researcher at the Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University.
    * The statement is not factually correct, but rather a reference to associations connected with the parking sign “P 24h”.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 16 Sep 2016
    MoE publication typeF1 Published independent work of art
    EventPorin taidemuseo: Art @ the Heart of the City - Pori, Finland
    Duration: 16 Sep 201629 Jan 2017


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