Non-linear resonating sensor and a method

Mark Allen (Inventor), Ville Viikari (Inventor), Timo Varpula (Inventor), Ari Alastalo (Inventor), Heikki Seppä (Inventor), Tomi Mattila (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Described herein is a passive wireless resonating non-linear sensor that is typically based on a ferroelectric varactor. The sensor replies its data at an intermodulation frequency when a reader device illuminates it at two closely-located frequencies. Furthermore, described herein is a general intermodulation read-out principle for passive wireless sensors. A sensor utilizes a mixing element, such as a varactor and it can be equipped with a capacitive, inductive, or resistive sensor element. When the sensor is illuminated with signals with two frequencies it replies the sensor data at an intermodulation frequency.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2012235847
IPCH01Q 15/ 00 A I
Priority date29/03/2012
Publication statusPublished - 20 Sep 2012
MoE publication typeH1 Granted patent


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