Modeling and simulation of aquifer storage energy systems

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Computer simulation model AQSYST for simulating energy systems employing thermal energy storage in aquifers, or groundwater basins, is described. Aquifers offer a potential and economical way of storing solar heat for long periods of time. The simulation model AQSYST features a modular energy system, in which subsystems and their connections are accurately simulated. The storage simulation in AQSYST is accomplished using a verified and accurate aquifer simulation model, THETA. As an application, the model has been used to study the applicability of different types of aquifers for seasonal thermal storage. The simulations suggest that high temperatures storage (up to 60-90-degrees-C) is feasible only in stagnant aquifers, whereas, for low-grade heat (15-25-degrees-C), aquifers with high natural flow rates (up to 500-600 m yr-1) can be used.


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JournalSolar Energy
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1994
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  • aquifers, energy storage, modelling, simulation, thermal storage

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