Miina, an everyday life management system

Andrea Botero, Roman Suzi, Mika Myller, Taina Rajanti

    Research output: Artistic and non-textual formArtefactArt in coproduction


    Miina is a community calendar and information system for the Loppukiiri residents in Arabianranta built using DailyWorks tools developed in ADIK project. Miina explores what are the limits and possibilities of digital tools that assist the management of everyday life activities? How can we understand better the interplay between practices and tools? What all these means for the collaborative pracices of a community of senior citizens? (http://aktiivisetseniorit.fi/) DailyWorks development has been part of the project Emergent Digital Practices of Communities (ADIK in Finnish). Arki reseach group / Media lab Helsinki: Mika Myller, Roman Suzi, Andrea Botero, Kirsti Lehtimäki, Iina Oillinki, Taina Rajanti and Kari-Hans Kommonen. Information Technology Faculty / Stadia, Helsinki Polytechnic Jarno Lindroos, Kalervo Raitanen, Jarkko Kostiainen and Kari Björn. Aktiiviset Seniorit ry.: ICT group (ATK ryhmä)
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2008
    MoE publication typeF2 Public partial realisation of a work of art


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