Method for producing lactic acid based polyurethane

Jukka Seppälä (Inventor), Johan-Fredrik Selin (Inventor), Tao Su (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present invention relates to the production of lactic acid-based polyurethanes. In the first phase of the production, monomeric lactic acid is polymerized into an oligomer having a molecular weight of about 500 to 10,000. Next, the oligomer thus obtained is copolymerized with an isocyanate which reacts with the free hydroxyl and carboxyl groups of the oligomer to produce a high molecular weight polyurethane. The lactic acid used need not be absolutely pure. Various biodegradable end products can be obtained suitable for use as material for disposable packages, agricultural film or planting pots, or a coating for fertilizer granules.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP0593271
IPCC08L 101/ 16 A I
Priority date16/10/1992
Publication statusPublished - 20 Apr 1994
MoE publication typeH1 Granted patent


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