Mediataide (installaatio)

Research output: Artistic and non-textual formExhibitionSolo art production


An exhibition on six Finnish media artists. 6 channel installation.

The installation presents six media artists who work with a variety of different technologies, styles and eras of media art approached with common sense and humour. Episodes include either the whole works or clips and documentation for the works. The main focus is in the art works and the artists thoughts about media art in general.

The series shows, for instance, Anssi Kasitonni filming his space musical at Kuhmalahti Workers’ Hall, Mika Taanila running the Expanded Pori live performance with numerous projectors and Marjatta Oja experimenting projections in her studio. The first episodes are broadcasted also at Yle Teema TV channel starting from Wednesday, March 26. The series has been produced by Silva Mysterium Oy, together with the Finnish Art Association.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 7 Apr 2014
MoE publication typeNot Eligible


  • media art

Field of art

  • Contemporary art


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