Management Research by Practitioners: DBA Handbook

Dirk Beerbaum (Editor), Reno Symmank, Patric Spethmann

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This handbook focus on management research by practitioners. The book would not have been possible without the German cohort 6, who set the forum for lively discussions and supported all researchers on their journey to its doctorate. The book is set up in three chapters.
Chapter I"One of the main triggers for this thesis was my direct experience of the financial crisis, as it showed that many principles and assumptions that were believed to be "carved in stone" were challenged overnight. Investors lost confidence as Corporate Governance turned out to be very poor in reality, although companies consistently declared in their disclosures that they followed good Corporate governance guidelines". This section develops a Corporate governance reporting taxonomy, which can be used for electronic reporting and is the basis for the digitalisation in accounting. A mixed-method approach is applied which combines qualitative and quantitative research methods.
Chapter II deals with an analysis of marketing process governance in multinational enterprises and is based on an empirical analysis of FT500 index corporations. The literature showed, that there is currently little substantial understanding of how activities and processes in marketing can be sourced and geographically relocated. However, there is substantial evidence in scholarly and managerial literature that marketing process reallocation is a subject of increasing attention for the last five years.
Chapter III focus on out of stock situations (OOS) in retail stores.
One of the major advantages of store-based retail formats is the availability of products. The unavailability of products is a major threat for store-based retail formats as OOS situations are considered to be some of the most displeasing occurrences for consumers, resulting in dissatisfaction. As avoiding or recovering from OOS situations are matters of allocating limited resources (e.g. staff, money) wherever they are most effective, this work recommends actions that retailers can take to manage OOS occurrences at store-based retail formats to increase consumer satisfaction.
All three researcher describe in their reflexive diaries how thy managed to be sucessfull on their long jounrney to the finalisation of their thesis. We all three would also like to thank our supervisors and all of our contributors. Let the words speak for themselves.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBooks on Demand
ISBN (Print)9783752876765
Publication statusPublished - 2018
MoE publication typeC1 Separate scientific books


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