Imagining the Future

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    Y Gallery presents:

    exhibition by Jaana Kokko
    18.09. - 11.10.2015

    Today we are living in the neo-liberal ideology that is driven by the logic of capitalism. In comparison to socialism it is hardly reconsisted as an ideology, but its ideal and practices are hidden in our every-day lives. The images and practises of the economics are influencing us and whether we wanted it or not they are coming to our and our childrens dreams.
    If we agree that there are other values in priority than economical we need to to understand capitalism. If we find it unfair, we need to struggle against it and we need to imagine a substitute for it. We need to tell and hear the stories that did not win any national prizes, for that we can imagine the future.
    How to understand capitalism? How to resist capitalism? In working against the exploitation of the common economics one way is to study and to understand the feministic structures and history of feminism. We need feminism to confront struggle. Understanding is needed not only for the gender struggle but also to resist the unfair logic of capitalism that is building up exploitation and unequality among people.
    My exhibition in Y-gallery has both documentary and visionary approach. I am interested in the images of feminism and economics and I will ask for example the following questions:
    How are the spaces in the society constructed? How do we move our bodies in the space? How is the economics embodied in the space? How are we moving economics with our bodies?
    Keywords for the exhibition:
    capitalism, socialism, woman, ideal, architecture, model, utopia, private, public
    The exhibition is followed by an educational program, performed in collaboration with the University of Tartu.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationTartu
    Publication statusPublished - 18 Sept 2015
    MoE publication typeF1 Published independent work of art or performance
    EventY-galerii: Imagining the Future - Y-galerii, Tartu, Estonia
    Duration: 18 Sept 201511 Oct 2015


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