Hybrid welding technologies

Sachindra Shankar, Kush Mehta*, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Pedro Vilaça

*Corresponding author for this work

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Hybrid welding technologies combine two welding processes to expand the capabilities with large range of applications. The limitations of individual welding process are converted into advantages when combined with secondary welding process as a result of hybridization, therefore hybrid welding processes are considered as an effective solution with significant advantages over conventional single welding process. This book chapter presents an overview on different hybrid welding approaches with technological developments and processing conditions. Different approaches of hybrid welding such as laser-arc hybrid welding, arc-arc hybrid welding, solid state hybrid welding, and secondary heat source assisted hybrid welding are discussed with their process capabilities in this chapter.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdvanced Welding and Deforming
PublisherAcademic Press
Number of pages33
ISBN (Electronic)978-0-12-822049-8
Publication statusPublished - 23 Apr 2021
MoE publication typeA3 Book section, Chapters in research books

Publication series

NameHandbooks in Advanced Manufacturing


  • arc
  • friction
  • hybrid weldiig
  • laser
  • processing
  • solid state


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