Hybrid Ni/SiO2/Au dimer arrays for high-resolution refractive index sensing

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  • Italian Institute of Technology
  • CIC NanoGUNE
  • Basque Foundation for Science


We introduce a novel magnetoplasmonic sensor concept for sensitive detection of refractive index changes. The sensor consists of a periodic array of Ni/SiO2/Au dimer nanodisks. Combined effects of near-field interactions between the Ni and Au disks within the individual dimers and far-field diffractive coupling between the dimers of the array produce narrow linewidth features in the magneto-optical Faraday spectrum. We associate these features with the excitation of surface lattice resonances and show that they exhibit a spectral shift when the refractive index of the surrounding environment is varied. Because the resonances are sharp, refractive index changes are accurately detected by tracking the wavelength where the Faraday signal crosses 0. Compared to random distributions of pure Ni nanodisks or Ni/SiO2/Au dimers or periodic arrays of Ni nanodisks, the sensing figure of merit of the hybrid magnetoplasmonic array is more than one order of magnitude larger.


Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - May 2018
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  • biosensing, magnetic nanoparticle array, magneto-optics, magnetoplasmonics

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