Glorieta Birdhouses / Concéntrico 09

Saija Hollmen, Jenni Reuter, Helena Sandman

Research output: Artistic and non-textual formExhibitionArt in coproductionpeer-review


The park Glorieta del Doctor Zubía is a small urban oasis in the centre of Logroño. We find the light and the atmosphere in the park attractive. Our proposal emphasizes nature’s presence in the city centre and enriches its biodiversity by introducing birdhouses.

With the help of a local ornithologist association, we have identified five different bird species and bats that potentially would fancy the environment of this park:

The Eurasian Scops Owl (Otus scops), the Great Tit (Parus major), the Black Red Start (Phoenicurus ochruros), the White Wagtail (Motacilla alba), the Eurasian Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) and bats (Vespertilio). Each one of these species has its own habitation requirements, and we have accustomed the houses to fit these needs. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that it will be these particular birds who will move into the houses. We offer many alternative houses for each type of bird. All houses will not be inhabited as the birds are territorial. We do not yet know if the birdhouses will have inhabitants during this season. However, after the festival, the installation remains in the park. Hopefully, the houses will be occupied by breeding birds for years to come.

The houses are built out of recycled plywood. The ornament of the houses reflects the impressive stone paving surrounding the trees in the park.

We received valuable information and assistance from our local ornithologist collaborators. The project could not have been realised without their active support.

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Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLogroño, Spain
PublisherLogroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2023
MoE publication typeF2 Partial implementation of a work of art or performance
EventConcéntrico: Logroño’s International Architecture and Design Festival - Logroño, Spain
Duration: 27 Apr 20232 May 2023
Conference number: 9

Field of art

  • Design
  • Architecture


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