Gas identification with graphene plasmons

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  1. A-Photonics: A-Photonics

    Pyymaki Perros, A., Rajamanickam, R., Sun, Z. & Hedberg, D.


    Project: Business Finland: New business from research ideas (TUTLI)

  2. Fellow Cost Sun 2: Graphene Based Ultrafast Lasers - Grafeeniin perustuvat ultranopeat laserit

    Sun, Z., Xue, H., Yang, H., Das, S., Du, M., Generalov, A. & Autere, A.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding

  3. OPEC: Optical Information Processing for Energy-Efficient Data Centers - OPEC

    Khayrudinov, V., Sippola, P., Seppänen, H., Lipsanen, H., Mackenzie, D. & Matikainen, A.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

  4. S2QUIP: Scalable Two-Dimensional Quantum Integrated Photonics

    Sun, Z., Turunen, M. & Du, M.


    Project: EU: Framework programmes funding

  5. THz: THz

    Hulkko, E., Sun, Z., Das, S. & Generalov, A.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding

ID: 32578192