Experience, Materiality and Articulation in Art/ Design and Research Practices

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  • Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
  • University of Helsinki
  • Auckland University of Technology


Over the past two decades, a continuous dialogue and fruitful convergence
has been taking place in academia between art and design related practices
and the practice of research. While the practice of research aims at the
generation of new knowledge, art and design practices predominantly aim
at the creation of new artefacts. However, this does not mean that there is
no knowledge involved in the making of artefacts. Rather, knowledge and
understanding of one’s own creative practice are generated whilst the artefact
is being formed. Such knowledge can be called ‘experiential knowledge’ or
knowledge that is derived from experience and concerns ‘how things appear’
(Williams 2001, p. 189). How artefacts appear in the practices of artists/designers
that are integrated into the conduct of academic research is the focus of this
special volume ‘Experience·Materiality·Articulation.’


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Issue numberMay 2016
Publication statusPublished - May 2016
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