DisplayThisPlay, Bergen

Anna Wioletta Piascik

Research output: Artistic and non-textual formExhibitionArt in coproduction


March 2011, DisplayThisPlay Part 2, KhiB - Bergen Academy of Art and Design's Gallery On the 25th of February 2011 DISPLAYTHISPLAY had a second go in Bergen with a Live Chat Performance. This time we (Regine Stensæth Josefsen, Wioletta Anna Piascik & Stefan Kirste) set up a live chat installation at street level, where chat participants were projected on a large wall of the building across the street. The chat participants were able to see themselves on this building, as well as they could see us who they where chatting with. Also the people on the street between the gallery space and the building, got projectet on the wall as they where passing. Everybody who attended the opening had an opportunity to do a live chat with anybody from Norway. This way, not only our group, but also people outside could participate and participate in the live performance.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
MoE publication typeF2 Public partial realisation of a work of art


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