Designing New Method for Studying Feature-lenght Films

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Measuring the viewer experiences of films has become a critical issue for filmmakers due to different types of audiences’ increasing access to new releases from all over the world. Some approaches have focused on the cognitive level of the experience, while others have emphasized the structure of films. Additionally, some approaches have used quantitative objective methods to examine audience reactions to short film sequences, while others have applied qualitative approaches to study feature-length films. However, an integrated method that combines the features of these approaches is needed. In this paper, we describe a new method that combines quantitative and qualitative data to study viewers’ experiences of different structural features of films. This method involves an online subjective response mechanism that can be used to capture and measure the experiences of different target audiences while watching movies of different lengths. This new method aims to facilitate significant advances in the research field by providing ways to study viewers’ online reactions when watching feature-length films. This issue is important since audiovisual products currently constitute the third largest domain of cultural-item exchanges worldwide. We discuss several possible ways of employing this method to expand the scope of future studies.


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Publication statusAccepted/In press - 5 Mar 2019
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  • Method construction, Emotion, Emotional responses, Feature-length film, User's experience, Movie audiences, Interest in movies

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