Cold Climate HVAC and Energy 2021

Jarek Kurnitski (Editor), Martin Thalfeldt (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportAnthologyScientificpeer-review


The proceedings contain 82 papers. The topics discussed include: indoor air quality in natural-ventilated bedrooms in renovated Norwegian houses; short term measurements of indoor air quality when using the home office in Norway; air exchange rate and internal air flows in a naturally ventilated museum building; control of indoor climate of historical cult buildings; a study on the relationship between energy performance and IEQ parameters in school buildings; experimental testing of exterior wall mounted mechanical ventilation exhaust air outlet devices; assessment of downward draught in high-glazing facades in cold climates – experimental and CFD study into draught control with a 21-type radiator; localized ventilation method for providing clean air to hospitalized patients; survey of facial masks using behavior during COVID-19 outbreak; and application of horizontal confluents jets in a school virtual chamber.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages623
Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2021
MoE publication typeC2 Edited books

Publication series

NameE3S Web of | Conferences
ISSN (Print)2555-0403
ISSN (Electronic)2267-1242


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