Brain signals: physics and mathematics of MEG and EEG

R.J. Ilmoniemi, J. Sarvas

Research output: Book/ReportBookProfessional


"The book describes how brain activity gives rise to electromagnetic fields, how these fields can be measured noninvasively with magnetoencephalography (MEG) or electroencephalography (EEG), and how the measured signals can be analyzed to determine the spatiotemporal evolution of the brain activity. The authors present a detailed and rigorous overview of the fundamentals of the physics and mathematics of MEG and EEG so readers can obtain full understanding of biomagnetism. Unlike in previous works on the subject, which have typically been collections of separate writings by different authors and different conventions, the material is presented in a unified manner. The book introduces the basics for data analysis and presents some powerful data analysis methods such as the minimum-norm estimate, beamforming, independent component analysis (ICA), and the MUSIC algorithm in the most modern forms. The authors' intent is to present an uncompromising description of the most relevant issues in this topic, avoiding many of the deficiencies of previous attempts to cover this field"-- Provided by publisher.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMIT Press
Number of pages239
ISBN (Print)9780262039826
Publication statusPublished - May 2019
MoE publication typeD5 Text book, professional manual or guide or a dictionary


  • magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • electroencephalography (EEG)
  • brain-magnetic fields-measurement


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