Biocatalytic Production of Amino Carbohydrates through Oxidoreductase and Transaminase Cascades

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  1. Beyond Biosynthesis: Enzymes as Catalysts in Non-natural Synthetic Transformations

    Blume, F., Jäger, C., Deska, J., Naapuri, J., Liu, Y., Kiefer, A. & Gregori, B.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding

  2. BHIVE: Bio-derived HIgh Value polymers through novel Enzyme function

    Mollerup, F., Karppi, J., Jurak, E., Aumala, V., Master, E., Monschein, M. & Leamon, A. K. M. A. A.


    Project: EU: ERC grants

  3. Capturing Oxidoreductases for Carbohydrate Oligomer Activation

    Karppi, J., Master, E. & Mollerup, F.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding

ID: 31993294