Beyond Matter – Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Virtual Reality

Cvijeta Miljak (Designer), Lily Diaz-Kommonen (Editor)

    Research output: Artistic and non-textual formWeb publication/siteProfessional


    The website presents the information, research outputs and educational exchange in the Beyond Matter project from the perspective of Aalto's involvement in the project.

    Beyond Matter is an interdisciplinary international project (2019-2023) funded by the European Commission (Creative Europe).  It is led by the ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany) and brings together diverse European artistic institutions: the Centre Pompidou (France); the Ludwig Muzeum (Hungary), the Kunstihoone (Estonia), the Tirana Art Lab (Albania) and the Aalto  University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Finland).

    Beyond Matter aims to develop technological, theoretical and design tools to virtually recreate past exhibitions and the documentation of ongoing exhibitions in novel ways.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2020
    MoE publication typeI1 Audiovisual material


    • Cultural heritage
    • Virtual reality

    Field of art

    • Design


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