Auditory evoked transient and sustained potentials in the human EGG: II. Effects of small doses of ethanol

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The effect of small doses of ethanol (0.4 g kg) on auditory evoked transient and sustained potentials was studied. Tones of 1-second duration were presented in trains of four stimuli (interstimulus interval = 1 second; intertrain interval = 1 minute). The electroencephalogram was recorded from derivation Cz-Al. Ethanol depressed the transient responses both at the first stimulus of the train and during repeated stimuli. The sustained potentials elicited by the first stimuli of the train were not affected by ethanol, whereas the sustained potentials elicited by repeated stimuli were larger in amplitude under the influence of ethanol than during control experiments. It is suggested that the decrease of the transient responses under the influence of ethanol is mainly due to depression of the reticular formation, whereas the increase of sustained potentials reflects ethanol-induced release of intracortical inhibition.


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JournalPsychiatry Research
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1979
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