"Anything as a Service" for 5G Mobile Systems

Tarik Taleb, Adlen Ksentini, Riku Jäntti

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5G network architecture and its functions are yet to be defined. However, it is generally agreed that cloud computing, network function virtualization (NFV), and software defined networking (SDN) will be key enabling technologies for 5G. Indeed, putting all these technologies together ensures several advantages in terms of network configuration flexibility, scalability, and elasticity, which are highly needed to fulfill the numerous requirements of 5G. Furthermore, 5G network management procedures should be as simple as possible, allowing network operators to orchestrate and manage the lifecycle of their virtual network infrastructures (VNIs) and the corresponding virtual network functions (VNFs), in a cognitive and programmable fashion. To this end, we introduce the concept of "Anything as a Service" (ANYaaS), which allows a network operator to create and orchestrate 5G services on demand and in a dynamic way. ANYaaS relies on the reference ETSI NFV architecture to orchestrate and manage important services such as mobile Content Delivery Network as a Service (CDNaaS), Traffic Offload as a Service (TOFaaS), and Machine Type Communications as a Service (MTCaaS). Ultimately, ANYaaS aims for enabling dynamic creation and management of mobile services through agile approaches that handle 5G network resources and services.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)84-91
Number of pages8
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2016
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