Anomalous spin-lattice relaxation in dilute RhFe at positive and negative nanokelvin spin temperatures

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We have investigated at ultralow temperatures the spin-lattice relaxation in rhodium samples with about 10 p.p.m. of iron impurities. A strong decrease in the Korringa constant κ, dependent on the sign of the nuclear spin temperature T, was observed below 1 mT. Our data on the spin-lattice relaxation time τ1, measured at the electronic temperature Te = 120 µK, fit the equation 1/τ1 - 1/(κ0/Te) = 1/τimp 1(B, T), where the impurity term τimp 1(B, T) has a contribution proportional to the inverse nuclear spin temperature in small fields.


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Publication statusPublished - Mar 1994
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  • negative temperatures, rhodium-iron, spin-lattice relaxation

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