A parametric investigation of diesel/methane dual-fuel combustion progression/stages in a heavy-duty optical engine

Zeeshan Ahmad*, Ossi Kaario, Cheng Qiang, Ville Vuorinen, Martti Larmi

*Corresponding author for this work

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New insight on the ignition of ultra-lean gas combustion

Larmi, M., Saari, K., Keskinen, K., Ahmad, Z., Cheng, Q., Hassan, G., Ainsalo, A. & Kaario, O.


Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding


Clean and Efficient Gas Combustion: Numerical Simulation of Simultaneous Combustion of Two Fuels

Kaario, O., Tekgül, B., Keskinen, K., Ahmad, Z., Ranta, O., Ainsalo, A. & Gadalla, M.


Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding