A Group Epistemology is a Group Necessity: A Reply to Fallis and Mathiesen

Miika Vähämaa

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Very much in the very same way as every written argument must start with a letter, must every group start with an epistemology-at least some sort of lay theory of understandable and nonsense sentences. "No man is an island," goes the saying. From the viewpoint of a group epistemology, a group comes to exist because there are detectable signs of its existence. There is someone or many to notice the group and there are at least two persons who form the group. To form a group and to be able to notice it, we need some kind of language to deliver meaning. And meaning, if we do not plan to live alone on an island, is a matter of sharing (The article of Social Epistemology "Groups as epistemic communities: social forces and affect" (p. 1) gives Tajfel's detailed definition of a group).

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  • Group Epistemology
  • Meaning
  • Social Epistemology

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