Wireless impulse radio data link powered by energy harvesting

  • Halonen, Kari (Principal investigator)
  • Monga, Dipesh (Project Member)

Project Details


Currently, the mobile smart devices are commonly powered by batteries despite their environmental hazard. A prospective alternative for batteries is provided by non-toxic energy harvesters that exploit ambient power sources such as light, thermal gradients and radio-frequency radiation. A major obstacle to the employment of these harvesters is brought on by the radio transceiver of a mobile smart device that often dominates the device's power consumption and causes high power consumption peaks that cannot be managed by the harvesters. Consequently, EHIR will develop and demonsrate so-called ultra-wide band impulse radio technology that, with an optimized power management unit, can overcome these problems. The project takes a step towards future energy-autonomous wireless smart devices.
Short titleEHIR
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2023


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