Venäl.vieraat 20-21/Tuoriniemi

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Low Temperature Physics has strong ground in Russia and Low temperature research in Finland has always greatly benefited from active collaboration with Russian scientists. There are very broad and sophisticated programs in theoretical physics and complementary experimental skills related to our research interests, and this expertise is best utilized to our mutual advantage by direct personal interaction. The cryocenter at Aalto University can offer experimental platforms for versatile studies at low temperatures ranging from refrigeration of mesoscopic systems to studying quantum fluids and solids at extremely low temperatures. Multiple topics at the forefront of low temperature physics are proposed, including mesoscopic superconducting devices, topological matter, quantum information processing etc. The visitors are outstanding physicists in their respective fields and they bring valuable mental power to promote the challenging experimental and theoretical efforts we undertake.
Short titleVenäl.vieraat 20-21/Tuoriniemi
Effective start/end date01/02/202030/06/2023

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