Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Vertical Applications' Trials Leveraging Advanced 5G Facilities

  • Taleb, Tarik (Principal investigator)
  • Abada, Abderrahmane (Project Member)
  • Bekkouche, Oussama (Project Member)
  • Dang, Yongchao (Project Member)
  • Manner, Jukka (Project Member)
  • Hireche, Othmane (Project Member)
  • Rajasekaran, Akash (Project Member)
  • Hellaoui, Hamed (Project Member)
  • Khennouche, Hocine (Project Member)
  • Meles, Mehari (Project Member)
  • Shahbaztabar, Damoon (Project Member)
  • Knuuttila, Olli (Project Member)
  • Sehad, Nassim (Project Member)


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Engineering & Materials Science


Business & Economics