Towards new nanodevices through diffusion-driven electro-optical transport (NANOSCOPE)

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Diffusion-driven current transport (DDCT) and its use in new nanoscale optoelectronic devices is investigated. DDCT may enable several new device applications which utilize nanostructures for light emission or absorption. As an example, DDCT could be used to deposit freestanding nanowire arrays on the surfaces of silicon pn diodes, so that light emission from the nanowires would be controlled directly by the current through the silicon diode. In addition, the project produces improved understanding of the electrical and optical properties of various semiconductor nanodevices. The research is based on theoretical and numerical methods and close collaboration with experimentalists.
Short titleNANOSCOPE/Kivisaari
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2021