The shifting meaning of firm location: From a physical setting to a perceptual sense of place

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Where is the firm's management located? Firms locate activities in different parts of the world. In global knowledge economy, however, tangible, physical aspects of location are becoming less important than intangible, perceptual factors. In this project, we turn attention to the multifaceted meaning of location, particularly perceptual aspects, which have received limited attention to date. This project aims to provide an integrative framework on the shifting meaning of location and its implications for policy-makers 1) by examining physical aspects of location in the spread of management activities, 2) by exploring, defining and identifying ways to measure perceptual aspects of location, and 3) by problematizing the concept of location in the digitalized, virtual world. The first two objectives are empirical and will be examined in four work packages on (re)locations of management activities. The third objective is conceptual, bringing together key findings from the work packages.
Short titleSA/Location
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2023


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