The New Road to Silk: Bio-based production of silk-like materials

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Materials form an important part of our society, and so will they also do in the bioeconomy. We will require materials that can be made from side streams, upgrading the value of raw materials, high performance of the material, but also materials that are attractive to use. We propose here to develop the use of silk-like materials by recombinant production in bacteria to fulfill the abovementioned requirements. Silk is one of the most worthwhile targets in bio-based production because of its attractive properties. We sill use protein engineering in combination with polymer chemistry for new approaches for production that leads to highly functional materials. We will integrate design research in the process. Design will support our research by future-oriented concepts, prototyping and visualization. Our new way of doing interdisciplinary research for sustainable materials solutions will pave the way for new ways of making and using materials in the future bioeconomy.
Short titleNEWSILK / Linder
Effective start/end date01/01/201731/12/2020


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