Talent and Success in Business Career

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This research plan describes three distinct yet related research projects on talent and success in business career. The research utilizes a unique combination of register-based panel data on individuals and firms. At this stage the planned research includes the following subprojects: 1. Match made at birth? What traits of a million Swedes tell us about CEOs 2. Gender differences in the effect of talent on career outcomes 3. Mergers and acquisitions and the exodus of talent The research is a joint effort with Professor Matti Keloharju (author in charge, Aalto University School of Business), Professor Renée Adams (University of New South Wales), Assistant Professor Samuli Knüpfer (London Business School), and Program Director Joacim Tåg (IFN). It is likely that additional researchers will join the research group at a later stage.
Short titleSA/Keloharju
Effective start/end date01/01/201631/12/2020


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