Personalized Speech Synthesis: Assistive Technology for People with Communication Disabilities

  • Juvela, Lauri (Project Member)
  • Airaksinen, Manu (Project Member)
  • Pohjalainen, Jouni (Project Member)
  • Jokinen, Emma (Project Member)
  • Gowda, Dhananjaya (Project Member)
  • Alku, Paavo (Principal investigator)
  • Bollepalli, Bajibabu (Project Member)
  • Pulakka, Hannu (Project Member)
  • Saeidi, Rahim (Project Member)
  • Raitio, Tuomo (Project Member)

Project Details

Short titleSYNTSA
Effective start/end date01/09/201231/08/2016

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