Sustainable textile systems: Co-creating resource-wise business for Finland in global textile networks

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FINIX research consortium aims to rethink how we make, use and dispose of textiles. The consortium will investigate, catalyse and co-create a resource-wise textile paradigm characterized by the use of fibres from recycled textiles, agriwaste and wood; business models for long textile lifespans facilitated by design for multiple lifetimes and supportive services (e.g. for sharing, repairing, reverse logistics); and digital and other technologies (for traceability, recognition, sorting, consumer information) as well as governance innovations (e.g. proactive regulation and ecosystem governance models), all of which in combination enable a circular textile economy.

FINIX is led by Professor Minna Halme and brings together a team of researchers from Aalto Schools of Business, Arts and Chemical Engineering; SYKE; VTT; Lappenranta University of Technology; and Lahti and Turku Universities of Applied Sciences. Partners from Heureka and Rhea Solutions will work with the researchers to communicate the findings to the public. Kirsi Niinimäki leads the research group from Aalto ARTS.

The project is funded by Academy of Finland's Strategic Research Council under Grant no 327299.

For more information, visit the official FINIX website (
Short titleFINIX
Effective start/end date01/06/201931/08/2022


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