Sun-Powered Textiles/A80329

  • Niinimäki, Kirsi (Principal investigator)
  • Ilen, Elina (Project Member)
  • Zmatekova, Zuzana (Project Member)
  • Blomstedt, Bettina (Project Member)
  • Halme, Janne (Project Member)
  • Helasuo, Pinja (Project Member)
  • Elsehrawy, Farid (Project Member)
  • Wederhorn, Linda (Project Member)
  • Ilen, Elina (Project Member)
  • Palovuori, Elina (Project Member)
  • Blomstedt, Bettina (Project Member)

Project Details


Sun-powered Textiles is a multidisciplinary project which combines expertise in new energy technologies and fashion, clothing and textile design to a technically feasible and aesthetic concept for integrating solar cells with textiles. The aim is to investigate and develop a commercially feasible solar cell textile technology for the smart textile and IoT electronics industry.

The objectives of the project are to validate commercially available solar cell and textile materials, and electronics interface solutions proved in commercial-scale manufacturing of smart textile applications. During the project will be gained technical know-how and scientific understanding to support the utilization of the results in the textiles and electronics industry.

The project is a collaboration between the departments of Applied Physics and the Department of Design, and industry partners from the fields of high-performance textiles, professional clothing and wireless sensor device technologies. Business Finland funds this co-innovation research project.
Effective start/end date01/06/201930/06/2022

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