Spatiotemporal dynamic simulation of the thermal energy storage assisted heating network and optimization for indoor temperature control

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This project studies the dynamic response characteristic of the thermal energy storage (TES) coupled with the district heating network (DHN) and the innovative active control technology for the indoor thermal comfort with efficient load matching. Therefore, this study will develop a more accurate spatiotemporal dynamic simulation model for the TES-DHN emphasizing the thermal inertia and time-delay properties. The research will also develop an active control technology and optimization tool from the viewpoint of system design and operation to match the heat supply and demand more accurately. Moreover, reasonable experimental tests and case studies will also be designed and implemented to validate the developed methods and to disseminate research outcomes. Overall, this project will contribute new scientific findings and efficient engineering tools for active load matching in order to further improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions while improving the indoor thermal comfort.
Short titleHaichao Wang at-palkka
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2025