Secure Open Federation for Internet Everywhere

  • Nikander, Pekka (Principal investigator)
  • Huttunen, Jenni (Project Member)
  • Pahlevan, Maryam (Project Member)
  • Lassila, Pasi (Project Member)
  • Elo, Tommi (Project Member)
  • Hoseini, Seied (Project Member)
  • Lisi, Andrea (Project Member)
  • Paavolainen, Santeri (Project Member)
  • Lagutin, Dmitrij (Project Member)
  • Wu, Lei (Project Member)
  • Mattila, Juri (Project Member)
  • Ruutu, Sampsa (Project Member)
  • Kortesniemi, Yki (Project Member)


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Computer Science