The social processes of organizational secrecy: dynamics, structures and performance

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The research project focuses on organizational secrecy. Organizational secrecy refers to a social process of intentional concealment of information from actors by actors in organizations. The aim of the project is to expand knowledge by examining the social processes, such as trust, power and persuasion, at the intersection of organizational secrecy and work performance. To date, organizational secrecy has not been studied in a systematic way, and little empirical research exists on the topic in organizational contexts. With data from Finland and the United States the project provides evidence of secrecy's influence on behavioral outcomes, impacted by the organizations structural and social dynamics. Knowledge concerning secrecy's forms and consequences, as well as the ways it can be managed, is necessary for effective leadership. As a result, the project will provide managerial practices, which improves the quality of decision making and communication in organizations.
Short titleSA/Organizational secrecy
Effective start/end date01/09/201815/12/2022

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