Safety and security assessment of overall I&C architectures

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Photons are used extensively in science, technology, medicine and everyday life for information transfer, signalling, imaging, spectroscopy, processing materials, and illumination. The internet relies on optical communication, lasers are used ubiquitously, and photons are promising for quantum information processing. Yet the full potential of photons is far from utilized: quantum or classical processing with photons could achieve more than thousandfold speed-ups compared to present electronic information processing and great energy savings. The fundamental problem is that photons do not interact with each other. Thus all-optical processing relies on matter-mediated effective interactions which tend to be weak. This proposal approaches the challenge of effective photon-photon interactions from a new angle. It investigates whether the effect of effective photon-photon interactions and correlations can be radically enhanced by quantum geometrical properties of the system eigenmodes.
Short titleSEARCH (VYR)
Effective start/end date13/03/201931/01/2020