RouTe- Towards Room Temperature Quantum Technologies

Project Details


The goal is to lay the foundations for a quantum technology that can operate at room temperature, thus taking a first major leap towards exploiting fundamental quantum phenomena in light-matter interactions for real-world applications. Our objectives include the realization of: Room temperature quantum simulator setups for many-body lattice models and topological states of matter with polaritons; Strongly coupled light-matter interfaces with applications to quantum communication and robust quantum information storage at room temperature; and Enhanced material properties and chemical reactivity by making use of strong coupling of organic materials to photonic or phononic modes prepared in their vacuum state. RouTe is a highly interdisciplinary project that crosses scientific boundaries by bringing together partners with theoretical and experimental expertise in quantum optics, condensed matter physics, chemistry, and material science.
Short titleRouTe/Törmä
Effective start/end date01/03/201828/02/2021