Quantum Simulation of Correlations in Artificial Nanostructures Viewed at the Atomic Scale

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Quantum technologies will be the defining feature of scientific and technological progress in the coming decades. This 'second quantum revolution' will be enabled by a new class of quantum materials whose properties are defined by the interactions between electrons. Such strongly correlated materials show a range of unusual and technologically relevant properties, most notably high temperature superconductivity. Strongly correlated materials are extraordinarily complex. They cannot be simulated in modern computers. The lack of good modelling tools makes them difficult to understand and slows scientific and technological progress. I will build interacting quantum systems one atom at a time in a scanning tunnelling microscope. The goal of this project is to engineer and understand correlated states of matter in experimental model systems from minimal ingredients. Findings from this project will significantly expand the understanding of correlations in real materials.
AcronymRobert Drost AT-kulut
Effective start/end date01/09/202231/12/2025

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