Reconstructing Crisis Narratives for Trustworthy Communication and Cooperative Agency

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The emergence of a crisis is often accompanied by unexpected events, uncertain signals, malicious misinformation, and conflicting reports that must be collectively interpreted and analyzed to understand the complex nature and scope of the situation, and its potential implications for society. This research jointly conducted between Aalto University and THL proposes to analyze and reconstruct crisis narratives through a mixed methods approach using qualitative research and social media analytics. We will design a platform representing and visualizing such information to engage decision-makers, front-line responders, stakeholders, and the general public in making sense of crises and perceptions of risk and trust. Temporal interactive visualization of crisis narrative threads will be used to support participatory narrative building and multiple hypotheses, facilitate discovery of unusual patterns, and collaborative sense-making for devising cooperative crisis preparedness and response.Information on Minttu's and Kaisla's research profile you find on the Helsinki university research portal:
Short titleCRISIS/Sawhney
Effective start/end date21/08/202030/11/2023


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